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Here’s How To Get In The Best Shape of Your Life

212 ordinary guys are now leading extraordinary lives!

Are you desperate to change how you look?

Do you feel overwhelmed by knowing where to start to get in shape?

Do you wish you could just motivate yourself to get your shit together?

Then you’re going to want to pay VERY close attention to what I have to say.


Hello! My name is Sharif Lawton.

I’m a fitness coach, writer, husband, father and founder of

If you’ve ever felt like you're never going to have the body you desire – I can relate. I’ve been there – I was the proverbial “10-stone weakling.”

Before I discovered how to eat and train right I always wanted to look strong, powerful and lean. That cover-model look.

Did you know that the primary places men are looking for advice to change their body are sending you in the complete opposite direction?

“Fitness gurus” promise crazy transformations just by eating “that one magic food.”

Supplement companies play on your dreams and hopes of an amazing body by selling “the magic pill.”

Magazines publish silly, generic workout routines promising to burn thousands of calories and “rev up the metabolism”.

Another load of nonsense, often leaving you insanely hungry afterwards.

You have to cut out all your favourite foods if you want to lose weight!

You've heard that right?

Well, it's a lie.

I've proved it by shedding 30lbs of fat whilst enjoying the foods I love and drinking alcohol too!

I've since gone on to teach hundreds of clients how to apply the exact same tactics in their lives. And they've got the exact same results!

If you think that having a “bit of a belly” is something that you can just sweep under the carpet for a while, you’ll want to rethink that. Did you know?

38% more men resorted to go under the knife to get rid of their embarrassing man boobs in the last year!!

Belly fat is linked to more life-threatening illnesses than any other type of fat?

You don’t have to be one of these statistics! They’re absolutely within your power to avoid!


I'm fed up seeing one too many men being ripped off and coming out worse than they started.

My Men's Physique & Lifestyle Programme helps everyday guys like you optimise your nutrition, training, and mindset to help you achieve a head-turning body with improved health and confidence.

Plans are tailor-made and constantly evolving based on my clients’ results, feedback and situation.

There’s simply NO “one size fits all” approach, NO cookie-cutter, generic meal plans or automated responses.

This coaching service is the real deal!

Getting in top shape is easy and life-changing with my personal-coaching service.

All you need to do is sign up and I’ll set you on the right path and provide all the tools you’ll need to succeed.

With personal coaching you can take pride in your body when you have to take your shirt off in public.


One-to-one Skype / Email Contact

Essentially having me firmly in your corner on your new lifestyle journey. Especially when life throws its inevitable curveballs.

In-depth Food & Lifestyle Analysis

Initial assessment of you and your lifestyle, so we can collaborate on a plan that makes sense for you.

Accountability & Motivation Check-ins

Keeping you on-track to your goals and success. These can be weekly, or even daily based on your personality type and needs as a client.

Advanced Mindset Coaching

Initial assessment of you and your lifestyle, so we can collaborate on a plan that makes sense for you.

Weekly Meal Plan

A fully customised nutrition plan based on your goals, food preferences and social schedule.
Not sure what to eat at the restaurant? Don’t worry – I got you.

Weekly Physique Training Routine

The very best and up-to-date training protocols suiting your preferences, lifestyle and other commitments.

Supplementation Guidance

No-bullshit recommendations, backed by scientific literature, real-word results - sifting through all the nonsense and marketing.

Holiday & Business Travel Support

Travelling abroad? It’s cool - you have access to me via Skype and email.
Hotel gym doesn't have the kit you need? - alternatives coming your way


You can go out and enjoy a normal social life with friends.

You can eat all your favourite foods on a regular basis.

You can have complete control over the way you look year round – no "on" or "off" a diet.

You can eat on a schedule that suits you and your lifestyle.

Your confidence will soar from having a great physique – allowing you to tackle other areas of your life head on. This is so underestimated in my book.

You’ll be a more productive and effective person.


Life-changing results. Take a look ...

Sharif is the true definition of a coach. Getting you where you want to be, from your current position, using a principle-centered approach, and a flexible system underpinned by a specialist knowledge and a genuine care to serve.”



Pre-working with me – Chris was partying, drinking and late nights with a belly.

Post-working with me – Chris is still partying, still drinking, still late nights but with cut abs!

Seriously though, Chris always had the mindset that:

EITHER he could party, stay up late and eat delicious food

OR suffer for a few months, not enjoy any of the above and get ripped abs.

The fact that he was open to my coaching methods meant that he could run a busy social schedule whilst having a kickass bod – AT THE SAME TIME. Winning.

Sharif’s knowledge of strength and nutrition is unparalleled.



Ben loved my coaching principles and the way that we focused on what matters for him when it comes to setting up a nutrition plan.

For him this meant scheduling meals that fit around his work commitments and lifestyle. He found the plan so enjoyable and easy to execute that he actually got down to 6% body fat.

He even competed in a physique contest and got an invitation to the British Final under my wing!!

Sharif’s services are second to none, he is consistent with keeping in touch with his clients whilst living a busy lifestyle himself.


I often get the questions like:

Can I really get a kick ass body like the guys above?

How do I know online coaching will work for me?

Why should I hire you over some other coach?

But there’s more to my personal coaching than gaining complete control over the way you look year round.

As a valued client, you will get access to all my online courses and programmes – plus any new ones I create. This includes lifetime free updates.


I will also fully guarantee your purchase by refunding you in full after 30 days if you are at all unhappy with service.





It must be said upfront that I don’t take on everybody.I have high standards for my clients and expect certain things out of them, just as they do with me.

To keep my coaching up to 5-star standard, I can only coach a finite number of clients.

Currently I have space for 2 coaching clients.

If the idea of personal coaching with me resonates with you – imagine down the line knowing you had the opportunity to change you body for good but didn’t.If you’re ready to make a life-changing decision about your health and fitness,

The time to take action is now.


The fastest and most effective way to transform your health and physique for good.

You still get to go out and enjoy a normal social life with friends.

With my system you don’t have to give up eating all your favourite foods.

The advanced mindset skills you’ll gain will stand you in good stead in all areas of your life.

You’ll have access to the very best and up-to-date training, nutrition and supplementation advice out there.

You aren’t just signing up for a training plan and some calorie numbers. You are signing up to have ME in your corner 24/7.

P.S. Remember, you can have complete control over the way you look year round – not just a few weeks in the year!


The time to man up and claim your strong, lean dream body is now.

Click the button below to get started.

Look forward to meeting you.