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Dec 04

How To Eat Out And Still Smash Fat Loss


Can you really eat out at restaurants without gaining weight?Your menu choices can make or break your fat-loss efforts.Beware of restaurant jargon – “healthy” does NOT mean fewer calories! Eating out at restaurants can be a really enjoyable experience. The right company, mood, lighting and setting can make for some of the best memories. Saying that though, […]

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Nov 20

Alcohol: How To Booze Without The Belly Fat


Can I booze and shift fat at the same time?If I am on a night out, what should I go for and what should I avoid?Food choices, before and while boozing, can be game-changing for you fat-loss success!​ The two biggest nutritional fat-loss obstacles for men I see most often are: junk food and alcohol. Your […]

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Nov 13

How To Increase Male Testosterone Naturally And Boost Sex-drive, Strength & Fat Loss


Does drinking coffee decrease testosterone levels?Could low testosterone be causing your low moods and inability to put on muscle?Could shopping around the outside aisles of the supermarket boost your testosterone levels? Guys … if naked success is on your priority list – optimising your testosterone levels needs your full attention. Testosterone (T) is the quintessential male […]

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