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Sharif genuinely wants his clients to succeed, which is not only a great motivator, it's help build a level of trust and cooperation that goes beyond – "my personal trainer told me”

I first heard about Sharif through a mutual friend and was quite impressed with the pictures and progress they had managed to achieve in a short period of time.

I first assumed that it was all a bit of marketing gimmick like the vast majority of the fitness industry.

The more I read Sharif's social media updates and outlook on the fitness industry, I realised he was a source of knowledge I should be tapping into and it was someone I could trust for advice and results.

I gelled well with his no-nonsense, non-faddy attitude to fitness and decided to take the plunge to see what we could achieve together.

That was six month ago, and I've not looked back since.

I've seen some amazing results – loosing almost 30lb working on a lean, achievable physique that I’d been looking to get ever since I started going to the gym.

Not once have the words "You should take this amazing supplement" leave Sharif's lips. Very refreshing.

I was very nervous before I started with the assumption that it was going to be a massive shock to my lifestyle and workouts with endless boring repetitions and the same thing month after month.

I thought I was destined for a diet hell of chicken, broccoli and rice with a side order of bicep curls 50 times a week and a ban on alcohol.

I couldn't have been more wrong.

"I've learnt to re-write the way I think, eat and train and the whole progress has been steady progressive and well supported."

Exercises have always been tailored to suit the way I train and learning to eat a healthy balanced diet has been invaluable life skill.

I still get to enjoy meals out, drinks at the weekend and quite a few bags of Twiglets and Wine Gums.

I’d definently recommend Sharif to all levels of fitness fans or even those starting out as the knowledge and support provided is second to none.

His updates and video's are a nice personal touch, which have helped me to connect with Sharif even though we have never met.

He genuinely wants his clients to succeed, which is not only a great motivator, it's helps build a level of trust and co-operation that goes beyond "my personal trainer told me....".

The only downside to this whole progress is now I need a new wardrobe!

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