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“Sharif’s transparency with his coaching and admitting his own past mistakes on his own physique journey is also a breath of fresh air. Not many coaches will openly admit to going off track, or even going out for a drink!”

Where do I even start with my coaching experience with Sharif. It’s going to be hard to keep this short and sweet.I originally chose Sharif as my coach via word of mouth, from Chris Robson of Chris Robson Lifestyle.

I'd been following Sharif for a long while on Twitter/Facebook before I decided to enquire about coaching.I have done a few unsuccessful "bulks" in the past, so to speak.

I decided I needed some accountability in regards to gaining mass without adding too much fat.I explained this to Sharif and he went into detail about what we would be doing to achieve this goal. In the form of keeping a daily weight log, tracking my macros, tracking my workouts.

I have had two coaches in the past, without sounding like I’m knocking them, as they are both great coaches.I feel that Sharif has added more of a personal twist on my coaching, the spreadsheets and the attention to detail really make it feel like a team effort.

Rather than a lot of coaches who just give you your macro numbers and leave you to it.Sharif understands that we are all human, motivation can dip, weak moments can happen in regards to diet etc.

Rather than lecturing me for the odd slip up, we would assess why it had happened and make adjustments to stop this happening again.

Binge eating is a big factor within the physique industry and people trying to get in shape as a whole. Sharif understood the past experience I have had with this and I am confident in saying he has helped me overcome some of the mental barriers I have had with my relationship with food.

He's helped me make adjustments to fit this around my lifestyle, whether it be going for a few drinks with my mates or having a meal out with the family.

His input in regards to things like this is second to none. His transparency with his coaching and admitting mistakes he has made in the past with his own physique journey is also a breath of fresh air.

Not many coaches will openly admit to going off track, or even going out for a drink!​

I've already referred Sharif to a few friends looking to get in shape and I’ll continue to do so. His services are second to none. He is consistent with keeping in touch with his clients whilst living a busy lifestyle himself.

Considering the amount of free content he gives out, it should be enough evidence to prove he is a more than adequate coach.

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