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“Sharif’s coaching is incredibly unique – he empathetically and knowingly stands side-by-side with you during your journey.”

"Everyone's the England Manager"

An opinion, a big lift, a mate who knows, a six pack under their tee, even an old qualification ...

The trouble with "fitness" is it's owned by all, but understood by a very few.

Couple that with the faddy social media driven desire to self identify as a coach* and it's very easy to grow confused, whilst being very difficult knowing whom to trust and listen to.

*The true definition?, to get to where you want to be, from your current position, using a principle centered approach, and a flexible system underpinned by a genuine specialist knowledge, and a genuine care to serve.

Sharif Lawton isn't just a coach, he's THE athlete too. 

My experiences has taught me most people prefer the role and identity of coach because they haven't the heart or courage to be their own athlete, it being easier to gain significance and be autobiographical by offering high level advice without having had the previous athletic (or any specialist subject) success and experience, schooling, and practice themselves.

"Sharif Lawton isn't fair weathered, he doesn't pick up this fitness thing for the summer, he IS IT, lives and breathes it."

He's lived it at 5-6% body fat, he's breathed it during yet another self application of the latest strength and conditioning research paper. 

He's felt the caloric deficeits and the surpluses. He's felt those 1RM's and the high volume efforts. He's made his athletic mistakes so you don't have to. Though we recently agreed: "there's no such thing as failure, only feedback" 

Why does this matter? Well as a coach his services are incredibly unique as he empathetically and knowingly stands side by side with you during your journey, that journey discussed earlier between where you currently are and where you wish to be.

He's done it, is still doing it, and doing it with modern science, not yesteryears play book nor one he borrowed from someone else.

He's measured, he's purposeful, outcome focused, and more importantly, he makes himself available. 

In almost 20 years, I genuinely know of no other body composition specialist that is real world, available to you, and coaches results and desired outcomes. 

Be led by him, just do the work, and be fully present during your physical transformation. 

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