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"If you are looking for a coach who not only listens but also walks the talk Sharif is the man”

I came to weight and fitness training later in life having always been rather skinny and then filling out and getting lazy as one gets older and your metabolic rate changes.

After several years of training solo along with attending group classes as and when I then started to use the services of a personal trainer.

Whilst I progressed well – in my opinion the sessions were focused mainly on upper body and there was minimal reference to food and diet and no mention of macros!

Sessions with my previous trainer were definitely stagnating and I was in need of a change, so that’s when I started with Sharif. 

I have to say I haven’t looked back – over the past few years, not only has my training, fitness diet and overall physical shape improved I have also gained a friend.

Training is not my whole life but part of my life so as well as working hard under Sharif’s guidance and instruction which is always helpful, focused and motivational.

I also enjoy other aspects of life such as fine dining and wine and the odd few minstrels so Sharif listens carefully to my wishes and goals - important for any coach and then designs a fitness program and food plan that suits both my work pattern as well as my culinary and social life.

Its also clear that he will push and advise as far and as hard as the client wishes and you can see this as he works with different clients across the gym.

The regular session, weekly updates and occasional text during the week all keep you well in step with your agreed plans and shows a supportive approach.

My fitness and overall body shape has been taken to new levels by us working closely on aligned goals and sessions and sadly a week without my session feels like I really have missed something,

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