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Just look at his clients. They've got the results they came for, and that in itself should speak volumes for Sharif.

So many coaches claim to have the answer when it comes to getting in shape. Well, I would ask that you ask them for proof - Not just a written testimonial from "John, 56"... Actual, VISIBLE proof.

I've been a fitness professional for over six years, so I genuinely know that there is a lot of rubbish being thrown around.

Real talk, I'm the strongest I've ever been, and I'm "in shape". And even though I've always hovered around where I want to be aesthetically, Sharif was able to take me past my sticking point, and further me towards my goal.

Expert nutritional advice without the need to "eat like a hunter/gatherer" (what? This is the 21st century)

Training programmes with clear, VISIBLE results. Look at my abs, and my deadlift is currently floating around 4 plates each side for reps ; )).

If you want to have fun on a wobble board, whilst on a diet of "juices" then I wouldn't recommend Sharif.

Yet, if you want a coach who is understanding, knowledgeable, honest and genuinely one of the good guys.

Start seeing results today – by hiring Sharif.

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