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"Honestly, I have learnt so much from Sharif about the mindset of how we view food and the science behind how our bodies can absorb and utilise the nutrients that I couldn’t possibly fit it all on here."

I initially sought out the guidance of Sharif as I had seen other client success stories. I wanted to get a better understanding of nutrition and how I can maximise my physique goals.

I am now not afraid of eating ice cream with my daughter as I can still track my macros and accurately estimate portions to stay within my daily total calories.

I’m also not panicking that I haven’t prepped 8 tubs of “clean” food the night before as I can run out to Tesco’s and buy a sandwich or just have some buttered toast because I know that it will not affect my long and short term goals.

As long as I am tracking what I eat, I can continue to build the best physique that I have ever had.

I genuinely couldn’t have done it without the guidance of Sharif. I have already recommended a few of my friends to sign up and will continue to do so as no matter your lifestyle, you will come out of it much better equipped for life.

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