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About BodyPhi™


Hey guys,

I’m Sharif Lawton, Men’s Physique & Lifestyle Consultant – and I am passionate about all things related to optimising men’s health and wellness.

It’s been my passion for as long as I can remember and I’ve helped hundreds of guys get in the best shape of their lives.

Introducing BodyPhi™

All you science and design nerds out there will be familiar with the greek letter, Phi Φ (same as fi in wifi) – know as “The Golden Ratio”. Since ancient times it’s been linked with all things to do with classic proportions and balance.

I created BodyPhi™ out of frustration – the frustration of ordinary guys caused by all the bullshit ideas and misinformation out there supposed to help men get in shape.

My goal is to help bring some of that much-needed balance back to modern-day life with the perfect blend of:

  • THE CORRECT MINDSET – work hard, get shit done and have ultimate confidence.
  • SMART NUTRITION – without sacrificing the foods you love.
  • BODY TRAINING – to keep your physique looking sharp and on point.

The big win I want for you is to be a head-turner – you know – the one who gets a boat-load of attention when they enter a room. A man that exudes confidence, class and style.

BodyPhi™ is all about feeling and looking sharp without sacrificing any of life’s great pleasures – food, drink and socialising being front and center.

Why should you listen to me?

You shouldn’t. But you should listen to these guys.


Sharif’s services are second to none, he is consistent with keeping in touch with his clients whilst living a busy lifestyle himself.

I've finally hit a long-time personal goal of changing my body shape and health for the better. Thank you Sharif for getting me to both a healthier and happier place than where I was at.


Sharif’s coaching is incredibly unique – he empathetically and knowingly stands side-by-side with you during your journey.

I've learnt to rewrite the way I think, eat and train and the whole progress has been steady, progressive and well supported.


Sharif is professional and supportive, but most importantly he knows his stuff!

If you want a coach who is understanding, knowledgeable, honest and genuinely one of the good guys, then start seeing results today by hiring Sharif.


If you are looking for a coach who not only listens but also walks the talk – Sharif is the man

Hands down, what sets Sharif apart is his infectious passion for what he does – he is 100% dedicated and always makes himself available to answer questions.


Sharif’s knowledge of strength and nutrition is unparalleled.

As a coach of ten years myself, trust me, there are very few out there with Sharif’s level of knowledge that can do what he can.


I feel healthier, happier and more proud of my appearance that I have for many years. There is still plenty to do, but I certainly believe working with Sharif is the best health decision I have ever made.

Sharif is not only seriously knowledgeable, but also personable, supportive, and positive. He is very confident, knows what he's talking about - and can back that up.


Thanks guys.

weight loss for men

Yep, that’s for all the “Trust me bro I’m jacked” style verifications that are absolutely needed for some ... happy now?

I have been studying fitness and nutrition for as long as I can remember and have been fortunate to have had some amazing mentors along the way. Some of the best in the business, including Dr Joe Klemzewski and Eric Helms.


Hobbies outside of fitness include fine wines, travel, freshly baked pastries, cocktails, house music and self-improvement.

I’m husband to the most wonderful woman and Dad to the most amazing little guy who has stolen my heart.

I am a horrible mathematician – seriously I am dreading the day my son comes home from school asking for maths help … Google to the rescue me thinks!

D.I.Y. just isn’t my thing. Never has been, never will. #Outsource

Anything that flies, crawls or makes even marginally aggressive noises towards humans, I’m out.

But what I CAN DO with complete confidence – help you look very, very good without your clothes on, and ultimately improve your quality of life.

I’m damn good at that.

So, whether you are here to:

I hope you find your time here enjoyable and worthwhile.

If you like what you see, let’s connect.